I started going to Werner Jewelers to purchase Trollbeads since they have a great selection on hand. But I now use them for all of my jewelry needs... (more)
 Surprise Her with a Special Gift of Trollbeads. Trollbeads bracelets make custom and unique gifts and Werner Jewelers is the exclusive dealer in the North Hills! We have one of the largest selections in the Tri-state area. Each bead is truly a treasure to behold! 

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We live in a day and age where although were all connected to each other, the personal experience is quickly fading. This is disheartening & usually leads to less than quality service. The folks at Werner Jewelers are...(more)

Now through Mothers we are liquidating our entire Trollbeads inventory.
We have been selling the beads since 2008 and still love the product, but it’s time for us to move on.
You will still be able to order from them from the Trollbeads website, just not at these prices.

Through May 7th we are offering buy 1 get 1 FREE on the silver and glass bead.
The glass beads start at old $31 price, not the current $34 retail price. That’s only $15.50 per bead, making this an even better deal!
Hurry in and add to your collection while we still have a great selection.  

Trollbeads allow your to create a custom bracelet from the stories of your life, savoring special moments and memories, creating a piece as unique as you are!

Every irresistible bead has its own personal story inspired by love, nature, fairytales, mythology, cultures, and the diversity of the world around us. With more than 500 interchangeable Trollbeads to choose from your possibilities are endless.

There are always new beads in intriguing shapes and colors that continue to revitalize the vast collection. With an infinite number of combinations, the piece of jewelry you can design will be completely unique and personal. View selection.