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The Chain
Foxtail, strong and flexible.
Compatible with all brand "bead bracelets".
Nearly double the weight of Pandora.

The Clasp
Easy to use Lobster style. 14 decorative styles
 to choose from including; Flowers, Swan, Elephant, Fish, Lace and set with stones.

The Stoppers
Slide on style. Add as many as you want,
 slide where ever you need.

The Beads
You just remove the other side of clasp.
Easily slide on and off. Simple to redesign or
add new beads.

The Price
75% of the glass bead are only $31,
even with the recent price increase.

Trollbeads are the original "bead bracelet". Established in Denmark, 1976
and are still family owned & operated.

Trollbeads vs Pandora
What's The Difference?
We get this question all the time. Here are some differences
we found and why we chose to carry Trollbeads in our store.

       Werner Jewelers
     Pines Plaza Shopping Center,Pittsburgh

Trollbeads Vs Pandora in Pittsburgh


The Chain
Snake chain, Not very bendable.
Can stretch and kink.
Limited to twist on beads.

The Clasp
Snap close/Pry open.
Difficult to operate and align ends. Damage to fingernail/paint when opening.

The Stoppers
2 Fixed. Can not be moved.
Limit where beads can be put.

The Beads
Must be twisted over the end and stoppers.
Time consuming and difficult,
especially if you have poor dexterity.

The Price
Glass bead start at $40.
That's almost 30% more expensive.

Pandora didn't start making their version
of the bracelet till the year 2000.
Publicly traded corporation.